13 · Musk Has the Dragon Capsules

"The Secrets of the Martian Moons" by Donald A. Wollheim Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K.  In which: Peerson Starshine has just been pod-jacked and fights for his life among mountains of Space Guano – ah, who are we kidding! In this episode we tell stories about bridges and brides while imagining a parallel universe where our recommendations and reviews are actually accurate.  K does some excellent foley work. Khaki names a Welsh town. Bookmarked passages: the Glue Traps of Hubris, Wotherington Lancelot II(I), Sexy Ginger Chris Pine, Nipples Everywhere, Betteridge's Law, Oprah's Shama, $15 Before Bed, Vampiric Space Bats, Callback To Episode 4, Listeners in Wales, Sex Bomb, Llanfair, Venusian Valleys and Spare Soyuz, Mutton Stock and Leek Futures, Laika vs Gelert, Ljubljana vs Virgins, Hard Vodka Wedding, Stop and Over, and Popty Ping. "À propos, I would give it some lesbian gyros." "...which is a bad joke and an FDA violation." "This One Weird Trick that NASA doesn't want you to know about." Find CoverMyAssCast on Twitter, Gmail and the good old-fashioned web.

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