12 · Fish Fingers — Not Flounder Gloves

"Time to Teleport" by Gordon R. Dickson Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K.  In which: continuity rears its head, and we learn an important lesson from a disgruntled scientist's journey through time and space! Do we learn from our past and work to build a better future or do we pull our chrono-spatial ripcord and nope-out?  K practices championship-level technobabble. Khaki has too many notes to comprehend, so many notes. Bookmarked passages: Look out below, Booze Chess, completely ferschnickered, George the Teleport Luddite, so many notes, last week's CRAB adventure, real life time warp, don't snort red ink, fish massacre,  technobabble, English vs American Kitchen Nightmare, 52 minutes, a story from the Koran, French Revolution — whoops, a little Finnish, a middle finger to the author, Team Pamela, holes in the hardwood, two fish out of five loaves, no good number. "Am I confusing pottery and restaurants again?" Find CoverMyAssCast on Twitter, Gmail and the good old-fashioned web.

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