11 · A Moebius Ring-World

"Multiface" by Mark Adlard 
Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K

MultifaceIn which: We're getting really good at notes, and wield them like little sticky-yellow shuriken! We learn about Spocking, meow at a lemniscate, give a poor review to a book we haven't read, and immediately feel bad about it. So sorry, mister Adlard.

K swoons over David Tennant cuddling kittens. Khaki has a bad case of Paper Fever and scores 10 points!

Bookmarked passages: Fuck Essential Oils, Fall Out Pip Boy, Art Deco via Art Nouveau via Pop Art, Gleaming like a Chrome Batmobile, Lemnis-cat, Froot by the Foot, In For A Jacuzzi, Counting the wheels, Space Drinks, Tortellini of the Lungs, When Harry Met Sally: the Next Generation, a happy-ending version of Thelma & Louise, a Good Ring Number

"I've been car-adjacent. I have been party to cars."

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10 · Not How You Eat Fugu

"Crabs: the Human Sacrifice" by Guy N. Smith 
Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K

Crabs: the Human SacrificeIn which: the Sea Can't Hold Them, We Can't Stop Them, and They're Here to Kill! But a toxin-resistant trainee sous-chef and a plucky band of unlikely heroes valiantly resist the hordes of vicious decapods. Will they win, or are their clams royally baked? 

K does some suspicious Googling. Khaki learns a recipe for grilled bookworms. 

Bookmarked passages: Khaki the Skywalker, Eco-gnome-ics 101, the Pen is a Mighty Harpoon, the Podcast Segue Award 2019, Gondwanaland Broke up, How to Survive Fugu Poisoning, a Good Crab Number

"The only problem is the Ring of Fire."

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9 · Sucked into the Cyber-Quilt

"Lost in Cyberspace" by Richard Peck 
Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K

Lost in CyberspaceIn which we try something new with our notes and it goes very well indeed, resulting in a sexless late-90s Weird Science / Tron hybrid set in the digital equivalent of Pennsylvania. 

K mimes Cupid instead of Hunger Games. Khaki just wants something to thump. 

Bookmarked passages: Tensing Norgay, Teenagers played by Twentysomethings, Eighties Mega-Perm, the Source Quilt, TCP over Carrier Pigeon, Maybe Just a Nibble, Ouroboros of Hubris, A Good Cyber-Number

"They're good bytes, Brent."

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8 · Lips That Touch ‘Nip

"Godsfire" by Cynthia Felice 
Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K

GodsfireIn which we read the Little Librarianess's favorite book. The ancients return to plunge Earth in a fiery flea-dip rule over humanity with a velvet paw – but the Cat Ladies have a plan to save us: drugs.

Khaki apologizes insincerely for saying 'purrchandise'. K brandishes a spray bottle.

Bookmarked passages: Frighteningly graphic "catch and release", Renaissance Van Dyke, Apparatchik vs Capo, the Order of the Pearl Necklace, Athens is not a bad place to be, frazzled whiskers and bent ears, two out of nine hairballs.

"That's what you get when you rub rods on cat fur."

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7 · Trekkies at a Ren Fair

"Tam Son of the Tiger" by Otis Adelbert Kline 
Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K

Tam Son of the Tiger book coverIn which we examine the tragic consequences of rival fandoms clashing and the embrace a glimmer of hope for harmony when we learn to see the world through someone else's eyes, coming closer together as friends. K compares jungle flora to a Matryoshka Brain and Khaki builds a tipi out of books.

Bookmarked passages: Mowgli is from the Internet Subconscious, the Jungles of Kew Gardens, the Opposite of a Simile, Tigers Don't Happen in Africa, Magic Missile Slapfight, Furries + Juggalos, A Good Coconut Number

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6 · Rome Money, Rome Problems

"I Paria dell'Atomo" by Max-André Rayjean 
Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K.

I Paria dell'Atomo book coverIn which we pretend to espouse opinions and attitudes not our own and, golly-gee willickers, we're just no dang good at it. We sure do try, though!

Bookmarked passages: What do we feed books? Ray-Gun, Rosie the Roomba, the Outcast Neutron, Mark Wahlberg the Martian, from Billiamo to Spock, Esmengelbert's Bum, Gluten-free Cat, a Bad Hit from a Hoe.

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5 · After Eating the Missionary

"The Drums of Tapajos" by Colonel S. P. Meek 
Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K.

The Drums of TapajosIn which Khaki distracts K to converse directly with the readers at home, and we fall deeper into the madness of arguing passionately about a book we haven't read. We wisely pull the ripcord before it's too late. The spoiler warning is therefore entirely superfluous, but hey, at least it's there!

Bookmarked passages: the remains of Decimal Dewey, a Touch o' the Ol' Syphilis, Bill the Pony vs Artax, Gaslighting Our Canadian friend, Tezcatlipoca, Drummer Jokes.

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4 · Riddled with Johnson’s Tubes

"WASP" by Eric Frank Russell (or maybe Eric, Frank and Russell) 

Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K.

Wasp book coverIn which we meet beloved but problematic literary legend Blake Whitecock, delve into the geopolitical reality of the Falklands Cold War, and pitch a movie version with two Anne Hathaways and a Halle Berry.

Bookmarked passages: Burning Fahrenheit 451, Which One Is Enid Blyton Again, Nubbly Bits on What I Think is the Jet, Fantastic Lesbian Subtext, Scramjet Tracheae, Teniente-Coronel Jones, Llama vs Llama, Animals We Hope Would Run Out of Air

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3 · Snake Starts with an S

"Deryni Checkmate" by Katherine Kurtz (or maybe the other way around?) 
Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K.

Deryni Checkmate book coverIn which we discuss the names of medieval armour, whether 'scallop' or 'scallion' is a better job, and fail to escape the 'Explicit' tag by the skin of our teeth.

Bookmarked passages: Not a NYT Bestseller, A Lot Happening on the Front, Point at Egbert, Cuirass or Tabbard, Retroactive Chamber of Secrets Ripoff, Teetering on the Prepuce, The Milk Boy Dafydd, and Seven is a Good Snake Number.

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2 · Asymmetrical Twenty-nine-pack

"Dagger's Point" by Anne Logston 
Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K.

Dagger's Point book coverIn which we accidentally started inventing a pretty good book to argue about before we remembered what we were doing. Oops! 

Bookmarked passages: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Sphinx cats' bronzed oiled skin, Towers or toars, 4-foot tabby lynx, Bob Ross?, Glaive on a stick, THE TUFTS, The Segue Award 2018, StormFangBloodMoon II,  a wild idea for a podcast.

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