8 · Lips That Touch 'Nip

"Godsfire" by Cynthia Felice Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K.  In which we read the Little Librarianess's favorite book. The ancients return to plunge Earth in a fiery flea-dip rule over humanity with a velvet paw – but the Cat Ladies have a plan to save us: drugs. Khaki apologizes insincerely for saying 'purrchandise'. K brandishes a spray bottle. Bookmarked passages: Frighteningly graphic "catch and release", Renaissance Van Dyke, Apparatchik vs Capo, the Order of the Pearl Necklace, Athens is not a bad place to be, frazzled whiskers and bent ears, two out of nine hairballs. "That's what you get when you rub rods on cat fur." Find CoverMyAssCast on Twitter | Gmail | web.

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