37 · Jeffrey Lord's Best Book Ever

This week, in “Jewel of Tharn", by Jeffrey Lord:  It's the Dark Ages, the Church has banned books, beauty, and bare buns! Dick Blade and his magic singing spear must save their nudist colony from the encroaching Crusaders who wish to crush their peaceful ways. Will he convince the local Abbot to forsake the cloth or will the changing seasons force Dick to muffle his cry for freedom? K paraphrases Terry Pratchett again. Khaki knows a little about Naples. Dedicated to our compatriots over at GoodShowSir, without whom this podcast would be a barren wasteland (and without whose encouragement we'd never have reviewed a Dick Blade book), and to Friend-of-the-Library Ex for contributing this week's synopsis! Find CoverMyAssCast on Twitter, Gmail and www.covermyasscast.com.

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