20 · James P. Hogan's Rainbow Revolution

“In a world where poor fashion-choices mean death, one man dared to wear orange.” The heir to an inter-stellar fashion empire, on an in-between year, uncovers an unlikely artefact of ancient Zambian space history and sparks a revolution – but the Fashion Police are always one step ahead... K recites the French irregular adjectives and explains where jeans go when they dye. Khaki recites one of his favorite limericks and defends JJ Abrams's oeuvre against unprovoked attacks. Bookmarked passages: Infrared ID photo, dental records, green boots, Brian Blessed!, Aldrin and Armstrong are hard to tell apart, Commonwealth of Milk & Honey, Space ZAKA, Tau Alpha Ceti, E before I except after C, Menzies where the Stenzies, Space Diaspora, the Planet of Jogging and Premarital Sex, Spanish naming convention, bleu-de-gênes jeans and bleu-de-nimes denim, Edward Nkoloso's Zambian Space Program, Olympic condom logistics, the world's funniest joke (Monty Python), Lovecraftian couture, dessin diabolique, Vantablack, purple reign, dying denim, ace in the hole, Star Wars and Star Trek's inscrutable internal consistency, Intergalactic Holi Festival, definitely unquestionably a book, rated Blue out of Rainbow. Selected quotes: "It's kind of left in the middle...– Oh, is it? Yeah, it's strange how when I when I point out obvious logical flaws and always turns out to be ambiguous in the book." "Where's the difference between grave-robbing and archaeology?" "The average Vomit-Comet doesn't do that much better, right?" "I will never forgivenes JJ Abrams for putting the Klingon Homeworld and Earth within transport a distance of each other." Find CoverMyAssCast on Twitter, Gmail and www.covermyasscast.com.

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