17 · Jerry Sohl's Nuclear Neo-Fascist Burning Man

Urania returns! Amid the nuclear fires of post-war fascist Italy two avant-garde music acts vie for dominance over the future of European pop music, making unlikely friends and allies along the way. Geiger-punks vs X-Ray Anarchists! K tries to remember "that other vampire writer" and invents "La Bamba No. 5". Khaki needs to get his notes in order, and dwells on his time stuck in the glue traps. Bookmarked passages: Halfway between hooloovoo and octarine, was Homer color-blind? (yes), Byzantium, Italian Jack Skellington, simplified geography, Bobina the ghoul-monkey,  wolves are a keystone species, Romanian is like dyslexic Latin, K's cool electric skateboard, podcasts aren't just for hearing folks, Latin is explicit, H. R. Giger-counter,  Redhead from the Marvel Universe, Red Guy from Cow and Chicken, Monarch from Venture Brothers, Killface from Frisky Dingo, Vampirelli, Strix Squadron, Asterix and Obelix in Corsica, Mickey Mouse Gloves. Selected quotes: "I'm talking about Geiger, not Giger – the Swiss gross sex-robot artist." "The cheese? No, the city in Switzerland." "His body is a zentai with bones painted on it, but his head is an actual skull." Find CoverMyAssCast on Twitter, Gmail and www.covermyasscast.com.

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