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Category: Comedy:Improv

Amid the towering stacks of a mysterious Library we desperately ‘review’ books we haven’t read — with tenacity, ingenuity and love. We only judge a book by its cover!

56 · Hyper-Light Blessing

January 23, 2020

Cover art

The wise intergalactic mediator Ming the Motiveless struggles to maintain democracy and peace among the stars when the charismatic Yale poloist Flash "Yeet" Gordon sets out in his rocket-ship Manifest Destiny to colonize uncivilized space by spreading the gospel of neo-lib capitalism and training malcontents in guerilla tactics to install regimes friendly to Flash's imperialist interests.

— "Black Star Chronicles" by DJ Arneson & Tony Tallarico

K is into loot boxes. Khaki is just happy to be podcasting again.


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