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Category: Comedy:Improv

Amid the towering stacks of a mysterious Library we desperately ‘review’ books we haven’t read — with tenacity, ingenuity and love. We only judge a book by its cover!

10 · Not How You Eat Fugu

March 7, 2019

"Crabs: the Human Sacrifice" by Guy N. Smith 
Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K

Crabs: the Human SacrificeIn which: the Sea Can't Hold Them, We Can't Stop Them, and They're Here to Kill! But a toxin-resistant trainee sous-chef and a plucky band of unlikely heroes valiantly resist the hordes of vicious decapods. Will they win, or are their clams royally baked? 

K does some suspicious Googling. Khaki learns a recipe for grilled bookworms. 

Bookmarked passages: Khaki the Skywalker, Eco-gnome-ics 101, the Pen is a Mighty Harpoon, the Podcast Segue Award 2019, Gondwanaland Broke up, How to Survive Fugu Poisoning, a Good Crab Number

"The only problem is the Ring of Fire."

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