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Category: Comedy:Improv

A weekly podcast wherein we freestyle ‘reviews’ of books we haven’t read, with tenacity, ingenuity and palpable desperation. We only judge a book by its cover!

1 · A Little Bump of Lunar Regolith

January 3, 2019

"Aliens From Space" by David Osborne 
Reviewed (but not read) by Khaki & K.

Aliens From Space book coverIn which it begins! Cover My Ass is a podcast where Baffling Books Are Reviewed (But Not Read!) starting with "Aliens from Space" by David Osborne.

The cover almost makes us wish we'd read the book...

Bookmarked passages: 45-caliber bookworms, the Democracy of Rocket Equation, Is Frank Herbert dead, Earth is a big pumpkin, "it gives the fingers stain", they're not Zorglabians, all the cool aliens and their genitals, snorting is the way to go, all the way to the appendix, and sometimes a handshake is a handjob.

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